tis the kind of shading i’d go for if ever

your dog is melting and you just stand taking pictures absolutely disgusting

Andres Tretiakov, a lab technician at St. Paul’s School in London, created these element blocks with the goal of building a tangible periodic table. Each element sample sits within a glass ampoule, which is embedded in a polyester casting. Shown here are samples of iodine, bromine, and neon.
Credit: Submitted by Andres Tretiakov (Enter our photo contest here)
I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better. Frida Kahlo (via babythc)

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when i email my instructors i always try to be so polite/intelligent and they hit me back with shit like “ok c u thurs”

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"How many f*cking cards are they gonna use?!" Bahahahaha

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